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Next Generation Drug Delivery & Healthcare Technologies

Pharmachal Health Group is a Melbourne-based pharmaceutical company developing novel OTC and Rx formulations for pain management, burns and wounds treatment, and other major markets.


Its lead technology is a globally-patented, clinically-trialled, mini-emulsion, drug-in-oil delivery system capable of delivering a wide range of small-molecule APIs (drugs) topically, sublingually, nasally and more. The technology is called the Nano Drug Delivery System (“NDDS”).

The NDDS is the only patent-certified, clinically-trialled and approved formulae that releases an active nanoparticle drug, encapsulated in oil, into the blood-stream, targeting a drug specifically to a desired tissue. Its unique formulation and molecular size delivers exceptional bioavailability, stability and adaptability.

Pharmachal aims to launch its first NDDS product in 2024, an OTC 3% lidocaine spray "NOPAYNE", which delivers results only seen before with prescription products.


Pharmachal is also secured compelling results for an advanced pre-clinical evaluation of an Rx development co-development project with world-class institution Rambam Medtech in Israel, combining NDDS NOPAYNE with Rambam's proprietary pro-coagulation and wound healing Peptide 16AC.

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