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Pharmachal and Rambam Medtech Take Giant Step Towards 3-in-1: Coagulation + Local anaesthesia + Accelerated Healing Product

March 27, 2024 - Melbourne, Australia & Haifa, Israel:  Pharmachal Health Group and its Israeli partner Rambam MedTech have received the results for the first cohort of mouse trials to test a combination of Rambam’s proprietary Peptide 16AC for coagulation and accelerated wound healing and Pharmachal’s NOPAYNETM mini-emulsion local anaesthetic spray.

The results represent a significant step towards the shared aim to produce a 3-in-1 spray to rapidly stop bleeding and alleviate pain, whilst also significantly accelerating wound healing.

Pharmachal CEO Charles Fridlender said,” The rate of cuts, burns and wounds skyrocketed in the last few years with 2023 having the most documented conflicts in three decades. Based on these compelling results, we will prepare for human trials midyear as the next step towards fast-tracking new products for trauma, haemophilia, and diabetic ulcers.”

Download the Full Media Release

Media Release - First Cohort Mouse Trial Results
Download PDF • 194KB



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