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Pharmachal Signs Agreement with Rambam, Israel to Develop 'Ultimate 3-in-1 wound healing technology

Pharmachal Health Group and tier-1 Israeli trauma hospital Rambam Healthcare Campus have signed an agreement to develop a new product for treating burns, wounds, haemophilia, and diabetic ulcers.

The collaboration will combine Pharmachal’s patented mini-emulsion “NDDS” drug delivery technology with a novel peptide drug developed by Professor Yona Nadir at Rambam that has shown significant potential to speed up wound healing, coagulate bleeding, and encourage the formation of new blood vessels.

Human clinical trials will be led by Professor Nadir Director, Blood Clotting Unit at Rambam, Israel and renowned Australian burns specialist Professor Fiona Wood. Dr Lourdes Santiso of the Paediatric Burns Unit in the Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City will also participate in the studies, leveraging her experience treating volcanic burns victims with Pharmachal’ s development products.

Director of Pharmachal Mr. Charles Fridlender said, "This project aims to combine a really promising new drug developed by Rambam with our drug delivery technology, which has delivered excellent results treating burns and wounds with the NOPAYNE lidocaine spray.”

“Ultimately, we believe there is significant scope to produce a world-first 3-in-1 spray for trauma that alleviates pain, rapidly stops bleeding, and accelerates wound healing and recovery,” said Mr Fridlender.

In vivo trials of Rambam’s Peptide 16AC on mice have already shown highly-positive results, significantly shortening bleeding time and enhancing wound healing. The particle size of Pharmachal’s NDDS drug delivery technology is an order of magnitude smaller than other emulsions, leading to unique interactions at the cellular level, which could magnify the potential of the Peptide 16AC.

Dr Yona Nadir said that the project combined two discrete areas of breakthrough research, combining a new drug with an entirely new class of drug delivery.

“There are significant unmet needs in the huge trauma and haemophilia markets that desperately need new solutions. The combination of Rambam’s research and Pharmachal’ s novel delivery system is really exciting and could open up an entirely new suite of solutions for countless patients.

The next stage of development will involve stabilising Peptide 16AC in the mini-emulsion formula in preparation a 4-month-long study on mice. Human clinical trials would follow thereafter.

Download the media release below.

Download PDF • 239KB



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