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NOPAYNE  is a revolutionary, globally-patented, mini-emulsion, 3% lidocaine spray developed by Pharmachal that takes advantage of the company's Nano Drug Delivery System.


It is in the final stage of commercialisation, having performed exceptionally in human trials at the Fiona Wood Foundation, a global leader in burn care research and famous for its revolutionary “spray on skin”.

Launch is set for the mid-2024, pending successful TGA registration.

The scientific breakthroughs behind NOPAYNE™ makes it the world's only mini-emulsion drug delivery system; one capable of also delivering a whole range of small molecule APIs, bioactive agents, peptides and more topically, orally, nasally or rectally. more...

Important note: NOPAYNE™ is currently not-for-sale, nor approved for commercial sale. It has not been registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. It has, however, been used extensively in humanitarian and compounding environments.


A Spray Instead of a Needle

  • No needle preparation, no measuring.

  • Lower patient stress.


  • Works within 1 – 2 minutes.

Lower Doses with Better Results

  • Human trials showed that 3% lignocaine NOPAYNE™ works longer than 4% lignocaine XylocaineTM

Lower Cost

  • Ingredient costs are comparable to existing products.

  • No needles, syringes or vials provides big cost savings.

  • Multi-use pump allows all NOPAYNE to be used on several patients = no wastage and excellent for emergency situations with multiple casualties.

  • 2 year shelf-life reduces wastage.


Safer, Alcohol-free + No Sting

  • No needles = safer handling, safer disposal, less anxious patients.

  • Active ingredients stays at site of application reducing plasma toxicity in cosmetic or procedural surgery and trauma, which could lead to heart failure, a major concern with lidocaine products.

  • Sterile through shelf life.

  • Alcohol-free, no sting

Specialised Pump Spray

  • Accurate dosing every time, No measuring.

  • Double-click action = maintains product sterility and keeps it free from airborne bacteria and microbes.

  • Multiple application on multiple patients.


Poster Presentation 

Annual congress of International Federation of Pharmacy on 3rd October 2012, Holland


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