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Melbourne pharmaceutical company Pharmachal Health Group has secured regional distribution for the novel, broad-spectrum antiviral capsule Triazavirin (Riamilovir), which has indications registered for antiviral activity against viruses including Influenza SARS A & B, Upper Respiratory Track Viral Infections, and has shown clinically to be effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

2020 Clinical Testing in Russia and China, and observational reports from Kenya, found that Triazavirin delivered significant antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2. Medical clinics in these countries have subsequently provided the drug to infected patients of COVID-19 under special access programs and production has increased to meet growing demand.

Managing Director of Pharmachal Health Group Charles Fridlender said that Triazavirin had demonstrated promising results against both moderate and severe cases of COVID-19.

“Kenyan patients put on a course of Triazavirin recovered to the point that they could leave hospital within as few as four days,” said Mr Fridlender.

Pharmachal has appointed a regulatory consultant to prepare the documentation for registration of the drug as an antiviral SARS A & B flu drug. Management is communicating with Government health officials in institutions and hospitals to provide the drug under the TGA SAS A & B (Special Access) programme for patients confirmed to have the DELTA variant of COVID-19.

Pharmachal will conduct its own Australian trials to confirm efficacy against the Delta variant whilst working through the registration process with the Therapeutic Drugs Administration.

Pharmachal also plans to reformulate Triazavirin into a nasal spray utilizing the company’s proprietary nano drug delivery technology.

“There is clinical evidence that Triazavirin may also be useful as prophylactic as well as a treatment to the virus. It could become an essential tool to stop Covid in its tracks before the patients become hospitalised,” said Mr Fridlender.

About Triazavirin

Triazavirin (Riamilovir), a non-toxic, broad-spectrum antiviral compound, is efficient against various strains of the Influenza A virus (Influenza Virus A, Orthomyxoviridae), i.e., swine flu (H1N1, or H3N2), avian influenza (H5N1, H5N2, H9N2, or highly pathogenic H7N3 strain), Influenza B virus (Influenza Virus B, Orthomyxoviridae), Upper Respiratory Tract Viruses including Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV; Orthopneumovirus, Pneumoviridae), Rhinovirus (RV, Enterovirus, Picornaviridae). Parainfluemza Virus (HPIV; Paramyxoviridae), the Human Coronaviruses (HCOV, incl. NL-63; 229E, Alphacoronavirus) and Adenoviruses (Adenoviridae).

In regard to COVID-19, the molecule probably not only reduced viral load but also helped to reduce the inflammatory response, thus limiting the damage to vital organs and reducing the need for therapeutic support.

Triazavirin was developed in Russia through a joint effort of Ural Federal University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ural Center for Biopharma Technologies and Pharmacentrix International.

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