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Pharmachal’s Oromed-Can Sublingual Cannabis Spray, a Breakthrough for the Industry

Pharmachal Health Group has developed a new means of administering medical cannabis to patients.

Pharmachal’s Oromed-Can uses the company’s Nano Drug Delivery System (NDDS) to deliver a measured dose of cannabis under the tongue, an area of the body with amongst the fastest rates of absorption.

Medical cannabis is currently administered through edibles, oil droppers, inhalers or sublingual wafers. These delivery methods enter the blood-stream largely through the lungs or stomach, which has been shown to adversely affect the lungs and kidneys and diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

Founder of Pharmachal Charles Fridlender said that the particle size in NDDS is thousands of times smaller than that of other products, allowing it to deliver drugs at a cellular level sublingually, nasally, rectally or topically.

“Doctors have told us that existing sublingual cannabis products are usually swallowed before they can be absorbed in the mouth. The nature of the drug changes radically in the digestive system and makes the results less predictable,” said Mr Fridlender.

“We now know that medical cannabis stabilizes in our delivery technology. It will be clinically assessed for efficacy, safety, dosage and pharmacokinetics. We see huge potential based on human trials with other drugs using our delivery technology.”

The NDDS is patented as the world’s only mini-emulsion drug-in-oil delivery system. It has produced exceptional results delivering the analgesic lidocaine to burns patients in human trials supervised by renowned burns doctor Professor Fiona Wood and on victims of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala in 2018. The lidocaine product Nopayne is in the final stages of commercialisation and is planned for release in early 2020.

Pharmachal plans to work with a range of medical cannabis companies to deliver their particular cannabinoid through the Oromed-Can product.

About Oromed-Can

Oromed-Can is Pharmachal Health Group’s medical cannabis formulation taking advantage of the Nano Drug Delivery System. Based on human trials with lidocaine and the NDDS, Oromed-Can stands to produce the following:

1. Faster onset into the blood stream

2. Reduced dose level + controlled dose

3. Increases bioavailability of the drug by avoiding first-pass metabolism in the liver

4. Minimises dose variation related to gastrointestinal tract motility

5. Enhances convenience - no waiting for preparation

6. Avoids the need to swallow

7. Allows medication to be taken without water

8. Facilitates self-medication

9. Peppermint taste


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