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Guatemalan Burns Treatment Feedback

Pharmachal Health Group’s NOPAYNE mini-emulsion lidocaine spray is currently being used in two hospitals in Guatemala, following the Pompeii-style volcanic eruption in June. Over 100 people died, over 300 people are missing and many hundreds more injured.

Dr Lourdes Santiso, a burns specialist Guatemala who has been using NOPAYNE in consultation with Pharmachal’s Charles Fridlender and Professor Fiona Wood, reported that NOPAYNE has been extremely useful during debridement, the removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue.

The below photo shows damaged skin and volcanic debris being removed from a child without general anaesthetic, needles or surgery as would normally be the case.

These surgical procedures can often be performed under local anaesthetic; however, children find this treatment traumatising, especially on sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Dr Santiso reported that children treated with NOPAYNE remained calm and comfortable during the procedures.

No needles, just a cooling spray.

Dr Santiso also observed accelerated healing in as little as 24 – 48 hours when NOPAYNE was used, telling Charles Fridlender that the results were excellent.

Pharmachal Health Group has received an urgent order for more NOPAYNE to supply three Guatemalan hospitals. The doctors also asked for a large supply of Pharmachal’s EUB eucalyptus honey ointment, which is also being used on burns victims.


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