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A New Class of Drug Delivery


No one has been able to formulate a mini-emulsion drug-in-oil drug delivery technology before now.


Pharmachal's internationally-patented, successfully clinically-trialed, Nano Drug Delivery System (the "NDDS") is able to deliver a wide range of small molecule drugs and other active ingredients topically, sublingually, nasally or rectally in the form of a spray, cream or patch.

The particle size of NDDS allows a range of drugs to be delivered at a cellular level, providing new methods for delivering existing drugs and, in many cases, replacing injections.

Pharmachal is working on a suite of products, including its NOPAYNE lidocaine spray, the I-Derm lidocaine patch and the Proctorhoid enema for post-rectal surgery.

Pharmachal's mini-emulsion delivery system has shown excellent potential for delivering medical cannabis sublingually - a true breakthrough for this nascent and rapidly growing industry.

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